Intel Science Talent Search 2012 Finalists


Nithin Reddy Tumma

Nithin Reddy Tumma Michigan

Port Huron Northern High School

Nithin Reddy Tumma, 17, of Fort Gratiot, investigated the signaling pathways involved in cancer progression for the biochemistry project he submitted to the Intel Science Talent Search. Using techniques to measure activated protein levels in cultured breast cell lines at varying stages of malignancy, he characterized two biochemical pathways that play a role in cancer pathogenesis, specifically identifying the role of a protein (gC1qR) in the evolution and immune-evasion of cancers. He believes his study clarified some of the mechanisms by which cells become malignant and, by defining the signaling pathways involved in the process, provided new targets for novel cancer treatments. First in his class of 332 at Port Huron Northern High School, Nithin is an award-winning varsity tennis player, the leading scorer on the varsity Quiz Bowl team and co-founder and captain of the robotics team. He is also the founder of a district-wide math circle for gifted students and a research club for middle school children. A volunteer for the Port Huron Museum, he created an online database of historical information and initiated a program to restore local landmarks. Fluent in Telugu, a language of India, Nithin is the son of Suresh and Kavita Tumma.


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