Intel Science Talent Search 2012 Finalists


Andrey Sushko

Andrey Sushko Washington

Hanford High School

Andrey Sushko, 17, of Richland, entered an engineering project in the Intel Science Talent Search in which he used the surface tension of water to turn the shaft of a tiny motor — only 7 mm in diameter. Working in his home, Andrey began by testing various materials to determine which ones best facilitated curvature of the water surface when an electrical current was applied. After choosing the hydrophobic coating that worked the best, he constructed a motor to translate that curvature into shaft rotation. The key feature of his work is that, unlike conventional motors, the efficiency of Andrey’s motor should, theoretically, increase with miniaturization. He believes his work may pave the way for micro-robotics and a range of other micro-mechanical devices. Born in Russia to Peter and Maria Sushko and raised in the UK, Andrey moved to the U.S. in 2009 and speaks Russian and Spanish. Andrey is first in his class of 391 at Hanford High School and has captained the Science Bowl team, Knowledge Bowl and math team. An avid sailor, Andrey has fabricated model boats of increasing complexity for the past ten years, and recently filed for a Guinness World Record for the smallest radio-controlled sailing yacht.


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