Intel Science Talent Search 2011 Finalists


The Intel STS 2011 Finalists Book




Boisvert, Scott Paul (Basha High School) Full Bio
Influences of Environmental Chemistry on Growth and Chemotaxis of Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis in Aquatic Habitats: Implications for Amphibian Decline




Mahajan, Rohan (The Harker School) Full Bio
The Effect of Doping on CdS Sensitized TiO2 Nanowires for Photoelectrochemical Hydrogen Generation



O'Dorney, Evan Michael (Venture School) Full Bio
Continued Fraction Convergents and Linear Fractional Transformations


Fair Oaks

Li, Selena Shi-Yao (Mira Loma High School) Full Bio
A New Therapeutic Strategy for Liver Cancer: Metabolic Stress and Autophagy Modulation


Laguna Niguel

Li, Jonathan F (Saint Margaret's Episcopal School) Full Bio
Effects of Cell Compressibility, Motility and Contact Inhibition on the Growth of Tumor Cell Clusters


Mountain View

Parthasarathy, Nikhil (The Harker School) Full Bio
A Morphological Analysis of z~3 Lyman Break Galaxies in the Hubble Ultra Deep Field


Palo Alto

Liu, Andrew Bo (Henry M. Gunn Senior High School) Full Bio
Accounting for Cross-talk between Signaling Pathways Identifies Novel Model for Early and Late Post-transplant Acute Rejection


Rancho Palos Verdes

Tang-Quan, David Kenneth (Palos Verdes Peninsula High School) Full Bio
Evaluating the Role of the HOG1 and ESCRT Pathways in Host/Cell Interaction and Stress Response of Candida albicans


San Diego

Cao, Xiaoyu (Torrey Pines High School) Full Bio
Novel Synthesis and Spectroscopic Characterization of Versatile Polymer Nanostructures Constructed Using Porous SiO2 Templates for Chemical Sensing


Santa Clara

Voss, Chelsea Sierra (Cupertino High School) Full Bio
Applying Fast/Slow Asynchrony and Boolean Minimalism to the Computational Modeling of C. elegans Signaling Pathways



Aggarwal, Amol (Saratoga High School) Full Bio
Repeated Distances in a Convex Polygon



Lei, Bonnie Rae (Walnut High School) Full Bio
Cryptic Species and Synonyms: A Reclassification of the Spurilla Genus Based on Morphological and Molecular Phylogeography




Saha, Shubhro (Choate Rosemary Hall) Full Bio
Modeling Proton Reduction Catalyzed by a Novel Nickel Electrocatalyst with Density Functional Theory



Liu, Jenny Jiaqi (Amity Regional High School) Full Bio
Emotional Models Improve Human-Robot Interaction




Atolia, Eta (Rickards High School) Full Bio
Preferred Polar Lipids of Marine Eustigmatophyte, Nannochloropsis oculata: Assessing Potential as Biofuel Feedstock and Eicospentaenoic Acid Producer


Winter Park

Zhou, Elaine (Lake Highland Preparatory School) Full Bio
Shape-Dependent Catalytic Activity of Size-Selected Platinum Nanoparticles in 2-Propanol Oxidation




Leung, Krystle M. (Naperville Central High School) Full Bio
Exposure to Concentrated Ambient Particles of Rural Central California Induces Pulmonary Inflammation in Healthy Mice




Cho, Sung Won (Groton School) Full Bio
An Analysis of Effects of Habitat Structure on the Ground Beetle (Coleoptera: Carabidae Communities of Two Sites in Eastern Massachusetts, USA




Arora, Shubhangi (Novi High School) Full Bio
Investigating Multidrug Resistance and Cross-Pathway Gene Expression Changes in Candida albicans Conferred by Gene IPT1




Mukhopadhyay, Prithwis Kumar (Woodbury High School) Full Bio
Distinct Cellular Signaling Mechanism of Carrageenan-Induced Premalignant Transformation of Mammary Epithelial Cells




Chen, Emily Li (Brownell-Talbot School) Full Bio
A Novel, Dual Role of Cytokine-mediated Activation of STAT3 in Brain Inflammation and Neural Progenitor Cell Differentiation

New Jersey


Belle Mead

Cao, Wenyu (Phillips Academy) Full Bio
On the Second Eigenvalue and Expansion of Bipartite Regular Graphs



Bocarsly, Joshua David (Lawrenceville School) Full Bio
Nanoscale Coating of PLLA for Use in Soft Tissue Implants


Short Hills

Bick, Alison Dana (Millburn High School) Full Bio
Fabrication and Evaluation of Cell Phone Based Water Testing Apparatus

New York


Garden City

Gong, Jan Jiawei (Garden City High School) Full Bio
The Effect of High Glucose Levels on Morphine Signaling in Mytilus edulisxi Novel Implications for the Treatment of Obesity and Diabetes


Great Neck

Hackman, Michelle Abi (John Miller Great Neck North High School) Full Bio
Communication Underload: Validating the Existence of Disconnect Anxiety



Phillips, Grace Eleanor (Mamaroneck High School) Full Bio
A Study of HCAA Conjugates in the Context of the Evolutionary History of S. melongena



Rangwala, Alydaar (The Albany Academies) Full Bio
Dendritic Cell Migration towards UVA1 Light: Novel Basis for Potential Beneficial Phototherapy Treatment of Autoimmune Disease


Old Westbury

Lam, Matthew (Jericho High School) Full Bio
Pain Education: Overcoming Barriers to Pain Control and Improving Quality of Life Among Chinese American Cancer Patients



Goldman, Jonathan Aaron (Plainview-Old Bethpage John F. Kennedy High School) Full Bio
Evidence for Link between Native Reading Language and Internal/External Scanning Processes



He, Bryan Dawei (Williamsville East High School) Full Bio
Compact Binary Code of Mosaic Floorplans

North Carolina



Lee, Si-Yi Ryan (North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics) Full Bio
Random Occurrence of Amphiphilic α-Helical Potential Solves the Protein Evolution Quandary



Miller, Matthew (Western Alamance High School) Full Bio
The Impact of Vortex Generators on Wind Turbine Efficiency and Sound Output




Rumker, Laurie Ann (Oregon Episcopal School) Full Bio
Biodegradation of Quaternary Ammonium Surfactants by Straight-Chain Hydrocarbon Degraders and Implications for the Long-Term Stability of Organoclay


Wang, Yushi (Sunset High School) Full Bio
Applications of Quantum Ternary Algorithms and Oracles




Monks, Keenan (Hazleton Area High School) Full Bio
On Supersingular Elliptic Curves and Hypergeometric Functions



Clark, Benjamin Mathias (Penn Manor High School) Full Bio
The Close Binary Fraction: A Bayesian Analysis of SDSS M Dwarf Spectra




Ball, Madeleine Amanda (Ursuline Academy of Dallas) Full Bio
Assessment of the Predatory Freshwater Copepod Macrocyclops albidus as a Non-traditional Reservoir for Viable-but-not-culturable V. cholerae 01 and 0139



Pai, Sunil Kochikar (The Kinkaid School) Full Bio
Electrochemistry at the Quantum Level: A Novel, Inexpensive, Nanotechnology-Based Approach to Determine Quantum Energies of Superoxide



Joardar, Rounok (Plano West Senior High School) Full Bio
Development of a Novel High Efficiency Photo-Thermovoltaic Concentrator Solar Cell


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