Intel Science Talent Search 2011 Finalists


Evan Michael O’Dorney

Evan Michael O’Dorney California

Venture School

Evan Michael O’Dorney, 17, of Danville, compared continued fraction convergents with iterated linear fraction transformations for his Intel Science Talent Search project in mathematics. Evan drew upon his fascination with patterns in studying two methods for approximating the square root of a non-square integer. One method (continued fractions) is more accurate, while the other (iterated linear transformation) is faster. He discovered exact conditions under which the iteration method produces the same values as the continued fraction method infinitely often. A student at Venture School in San Ramon, Evan has participated in several math competitions and was a winner in the 2010 USA Mathematical Olympiad. He is also involved in the Berkeley Math Circle, where he instructs his fellow students and serves as a contest coordinator. Additionally, Evan is an accompanist for the childrens and teen choirs at his church and sings in the adult choir. He also volunteers regularly with a local homeless outreach program. The son of Michael and Jennifer ODorney, Evan enjoys improvising and composing music for the piano and programming games to be played on a calculator. He plans to pursue a Ph.D. in mathematics.


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