Intel Science Talent Search 2010 Finalists


Lynnelle Lin Ye

Lynnelle Lin Ye California

Lynnelle Lin Ye, 18, of Palo Alto, entered a mathematics project in the Intel Science Talent Search that analyzed the game of Chomp on graphs and sets. Lynnelle seeks a way to find the winner of two person combinatorial games, assuming perfect information. Classical examples of such games are Chess and Go (difficult to analyze) and Nim (well understood). She gives a reduction technique for games on simplicial complexes such as graphs, and produces a general method which allows her to analyze certain "subset-takeaway" games, including ones played on bipartite graphs and complete n-partite graphs. Lynnelle attends Palo Alto Senior High School, where she has served as president of the math club for three years. The daughter of Jun Ye and Caren Wang, she earned a perfect 2400 in her SATs and, in the 2008 China Girls Math Olympiad, received a gold medal as the U.S. team's top scorer. Lynnelle volunteers weekly as a math coach and is passionate about combinatorial game theory, which she finds elegant and fascinating. In college, she plans to continue researching game theory, which has applications in economics and artificial intelligence, as she works toward a Ph.D. in mathematics.


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