Intel Science Talent Search 2010 Finalists


Arjun Ranganath Puranik

Arjun Ranganath Puranik Illinois

Arjun Ranganath Puranik, 17, of Palatine, submitted a mathematics project to the Intel Science Talent Search that classifies the representations of rational Cherednik algebras, which have applications in quantum physics. Arjun's research gives a deepened understanding of H3, the group of symmetries of the regular icosahedron (a polyhedron built of 20 equilateral triangles). He studies an algebraic structure built from H3, called the rational Cherednik algebra. His classification of finite dimensional representations of this algebra provides useful linear algebra information about this complicated structure. His result contributes to the efforts to classify all rational Cherednik algebras. Arjun, who was born in India, is the son of Ranganath and Parimala Puranik. He is first in his class of 747 at William Fremd High School where he is managing editor of the newspaper, lead member of the math team and captain of the scholastic and science bowl teams. He has been recognized for his achievements in varsity tennis and piano and is a weekly volunteer at the Alexian Brothers Medical Center. His college choices include Stanford and MIT and he plans to work as a researcher.


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