Intel Science Talent Search 2010 Finalists


Joshua William Pfeffer

Joshua William Pfeffer New York

Joshua William Pfeffer, 17, of Plainview, submitted an Intel Science Talent Search project in mathematics about super Kãhler-Ricci flow. Josh works in differential geometry. The Ricci flow on a manifold is a tool which smooths out irregularities while retaining basic features of the manifold; Perleman used Ricci flows in his solution of a famous open problem in geometry, the Poincare Conjecture. In the context of mathematical physics, especially string theory, notions of supersymmetry and supermanifolds arise, and in analogy with the ordinary manifold case, Josh defines a super Kãhler-Ricci flow equation for supermanifolds. He connects the behavior of the super Kãhler-Ricci flow with the Ricci flow in interesting cases, and also gives conditions guaranteeing stability of solutions of his new concept. Josh earned perfect SATs and attends North Shore Hebrew Academy High School in Great Neck, where he heads both the math and debate teams and is the newspaper editor-in-chief. One of his previous science projects concerned fractal analysis of abnormal structures in the brain. He plans to attend Harvard or MIT. Josh enjoys tennis and classical guitar, and his parents are Daniel and Mindy Pfeffer.


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