Intel Science Talent Search 2010 Finalists


Akhil Mathew

Akhil Mathew New Jersey

Akhil Mathew, 18, of Madison, entered an Intel Science Talent Search project in mathematics. Akhil combines algebraic geometry, representation theory, and category theory in his work on Deligne categories of complex rank. Deligne created a large family of categories parametrized by complex numbers which interpolate classical categories, ones in which the complex number in question is a positive integer. Akhil shows, under certain finiteness assumptions, that important properties of these categories are determined by constructible sets. He then shows that these properties hold generically if they hold on a sufficiently large set of parameters. Akhil is a tutor in chemistry, math and French at Madison High School, where he is also active in the chess club. Since eighth grade, he has taken courses at Drew University, where he recently assisted in preparing a math textbook for publication. He is moderator of an online math forum run by Johns Hopkins University and was a Davidson Fellow Laureate in 2008. Akhil is the son of Mathew Thomas and Rama Madhavarao and was born in India. He hopes to continue his studies at Harvard or MIT.


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