Intel ISEF 2013 Finalist Profile

CS310 (Doeberl)
COPTICAID - The Global Emergency System of the Future
Stefan Doeberl
Thomas Bohm
Technical High School for Computer Science and Business Organization in Perg, Perg, AUSTRIA

Our project deals with the problem of emergency reports. The goal was to develop a general report system, which can be used for all kinds of emergency cases. We wanted to simplify the classical emergency call via phone by substituting it with an innovative and intuitive useable smartphone app. This app does not just report the emergency situation itself but even provides the user with specified first aid guidelines. The main component in the background is a (Windows) server including the database (SQL-Server) storing everything relevant concerning each reported emergency case. The communication between the server and the actors is handled by a C#-WCF-Service. There are three different client software components allowing the actors to exchange information with the server described above. On the one hand there is the possibility to report an extreme situation with our Android smartphone application, which represents the central element of our system. The enormous advantages are, that the contact information and the exact position of the user are provided by the phone-internal functions and it is even possible to transmit a picture of the accident. On the other hand there is a C# desktop application used in the control room where all current emergency cases can be overviewed and managed. Moreover the active action forces are permanently provided with details about their operation by a similar app. Additionally an autonomous drone delivers support with bird-perspective pictures of the concerned area so that the action forces are able to operate even more accurate. >>We want to help!<<

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