Intel ISEF 2013 Finalist Profile

CS302 (Galmarini)
BYZEN: Knowing the Uruguayan History
Schubert Galmarini
Mauro Rocca
Juan Macchi
Instituto Tecnologico Superior Paysandu, Paysandu, URUGUAY

In Uruguay, in 2011, historical dates related to the Bicentennial of this country were celebrated. At the beginning of 2012, we had a question: “What’s the knowledge level of young and adult Uruguayan people about their History after this celebration?” The results were surprising, the amount of people that kept on being uninformed was huge. This means that maybe, without realizing about it, the Uruguayan Society, little by little is losing their identity. Aiming to solve this problem, we want to know: “Why did this happen?” Indeed, the main cause resulted to be the computer science. This, since its beginnings, has significantly advanced. Nowadays, it is a part of our everyday life. Although lots of discussions are generated about it; its correct use depends on the user. Anyhow, there are drawbacks, such as the wrong use of video games, especially missing the educative gender in most of the cases. So, many people ask “Can anyone learn and have fun with a video game at the same time?” The answer is “Yes”. This is how BYZEN came up, a real time strategy video game about the beginning of Oriental Revolution. It shows the most important events of 1811, which started to distinguish us as the country we are nowadays. It is aimed to create an ambient that makes the player feel like he/she was there at that time, so that the users will learn Uruguayan History in an entertained way, through an element that we live with nowadays.

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