Intel ISEF 2013 Finalist Profile

CS056 (Benson)
Kinect It: A Telepresence Surveyor Robot Using a Microsoft Kinect
Sean Benson
Satsuma High School, Satsuma, AL

The purpose of this project was to make a telepresence robot that could survey its environment and later on be used in other applications such as cave exploration, surveying hazardous sites and mapping buildings. This project was chosen due to interest in computer science, robotics and electronics. The hypothesis was that a robot can be made to provide situational awareness and mapping, and that it could do this remotely. The robot would use a Kinect sensor from an Xbox game system and other sensors. The robot had sensors that included a 3-axis compass and a 3-axis accelerometer that were connected to an Arduino Uno microprocessor. A magnetic encoder sensor was connected to a Parallax Propeller microprocessor and another Arduino Uno was used to control the movement of the robot. All the microprocessors communicated with the onboard computer through a C# program. The robot was then made to be controlled by an off-site computer using the online Log-Me-In service. Results showed that it is possible to make a telepresence surveyor robot that can map a room. By using the Kinect the robot could create a map of its environment. Another advantage is that it could do it in complete darkness. This was because the Kinect uses an infrared camera sensor.

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